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Brodie Clark is Australia's best-known name in Search Engine Optimisation, offering advanced SEO consulting for market-leading brands such as Tripadvisor, Shutterstock, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Bed Bath N’ Table and more. With over a decade of SEO experience, Brodie was named the Young Search Professional of the Year for 2019, a top SEO expert in 2021, and a Search Awards judge for 2022. Brodie is regularly featured in the most respected SEO publications and demand for his SEO Consulting in Melbourne and internationally is high.

Browse to learn more about Brodie’s SEO consulting experience, achievements, what clients and other reputable thought-leaders have to say about his work, along with the latest blog articles about SEO. If you’re interested in working together, please feel free to use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch.

brodie clark consulting seo consultant in melbourne, australia
Brodie Clark (SEO Consultant Melbourne, Australia) was awarded the title of 'Young Search Professional of the Year' at the Australian Search Awards, held at the Sydney Opera House in 2019.

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At the 2019 Australian Search Awards held at the Sydney Opera House I was awarded Young Search Professional of the Year. This was from a shortlist of 10 of Australia’s top Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists and experts under the age of 30.

At the Sydney Opera House, the announcement that was read out to the Australian SEO and digital marketing community included the following:

“This was a very impressive winner, their knowledge and understanding of SEO is remarkable. This winner is on the brink of becoming a key serious player in the SEO world due to their outstanding energy and potential."

Thought Leader

My advice is regularly featured in the three largest and most respected SEO publications. You can find my VIP contributor column at Search Engine Journal, alongside columns at Search Engine Land and Moz. With frequent appearances in newletters such as the Moz Top 10, #SEOFOMO and plenty more.

While writing is what I’m best-known for in the SEO industry, I’ve also presented at various SEO conferences and events within Australia, the UK and Canada. This includes SMX Advanced, BrightonSEO’s Science of Search Summit, Whitespark’s Local Search Summit and more.

In High Demand

I receive a high volume of enquiries for my SEO consulting, and don't always have the capacity to take on new projects. Being an independent SEO consultant Melbourne, I complete all work myself and only work directly with clients. I offer one-off Consulting (see Featured Snippets case study), but retainer engagements are more common (see Google Discover case study).

Project focus is generally geared toward technical SEO, working with large-scale sites and on Marketplace SEO. I encourage reaching out if you're interested, because I may know someone suitable if I don't currently have capacity.

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John Mueller

Senior Search Analyst at

“Brodie regularly does awesome stuff that I even pass on to folks internally at Google”

Aleyda Solis

SEO Consultant at Orainti & Founder at Remoters

“Brodie is one of the smartest and nicest strategical SEOs, always willing to share his excellent findings and insights with the community! I wouldn't doubt to hire him for in-depth SEO analysis and reliable consulting or advice.”

Cyrus Shepard

SEO Consultant at Moz & Founder at Zyppy

"Brodie has impressed me time and time again with his in-depth knowledge of Google SERPs, algorithm changes, and optimization techniques. If I had the chance to hire Brodie, I wouldn't hesitate."

Common questions
that I get asked

Do you do white-label projects for agencies or other digital professionals?
No. I'm a independent SEO consultant that only works with clients directly. If you have a client who you think would be interested in my services, I do encourage reaching out to discuss if the project is a good fit, but your client would need to contact me directly. I may however know a suitable freelance SEO consultant that works with agencies that I could recommend.
Do you also work with clients that are based outside of Melbourne and Australia?
While I am known for being a Melbourne-based SEO Consultant, I do also regularly work with clients throughout Australia and globally. I've worked with clients in the US, Canada, the UK, and also countries where English isn't their first language and they're wanting to internationalise. So yes, I'm an SEO Consultant in Melbourne, but I operate internationally.
Do you work with small businesses who are just getting started with SEO?
These types of projects generally aren't a good fit for what I offer. I am however well-connected in the SEO world and can make a trusted recommendation for an SEO agency or another freelance SEO consultant for you to work with, whether that be an SEO Consultant Melbourne or an SEO Expert Australia and internationally. If your job title includes that you're the 'Head of Growth', 'Director of Growth' or similar, and you work for a company that's considered in the mid- to large-sized range, you're a well-suited client for my SEO consultancy.
How much do your SEO consulting services cost?
It really depends on the requirements for the SEO project, along with the size, complexity, and amount of traffic for your site or. My rate is however higher than your typical SEO consultant due to my experience and knowledge of the SEO space. My SEO consulting pricing is the same rate for both Melbourne SEO projects along with Australian and internationally.
What types of SEO clients do you normally work with and specialise in?
I work with most types of sites, aside from Local SEO projects that are focused around optimising Google Business Profiles and also SaaS providers. I also explicitly don't work with anything gambling-related. Some of my interest areas include working with marketplaces, eCommerce businesses, and also news publishers and large-scale content publishers of various kinds.
What do SEO consultants do? And how are they different from agencies?
An SEO consultant is an experienced expert in the field of search engine optimization, delivering tailored advice for websites that rely on exposure through Google's organic search results. The SEO consultant's goal is to help customers find you and remain competitive in your sector. The difference in working with an SEO consultant compared to an agency is in the experience that a consultant likely has compared to an agency employee and also the number of clients that an agency employee has compared to the consultant. SEO consultants will tend to have fewer clients than what an account manager from an SEO agency has.