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I’m a highly experienced SEO Consultant that works with brands that you know and love. My advice is regularly featured on sites like Search Engine Land, Moz, Search Engine Journal (VIP Contributor) and more. If you’re a mid- to large-sized company needing specialist assistance – then get in touch!

Note: my rate is higher than your typical SEO Consultant. I offer one-off Consulting (see Featured Snippets case study), along with long-term retainer engagements (see Google Discover case study). I only work direct with clients, so no white-label enquiries please. Learn more about my industry experience and achievements.

Melbourne SEO Consultant, Brodie Clark
The biggest Google Geek you’ve met. Here’s me in SEO heaven. See 100% Organic for the latest SEO insights.

2019 Young Search Professional of the Year

At the 2019 Australian Search Awards held at the Sydney Opera House I was awarded Young Search Professional of the Year. This was from a shortlist of 10 of Australia’s top Search Marketing experts under the age of 30.

young search professional of the year 2019 brodie clark

The announcement that was read out to the Australian SEO Community at the event included the following message:

“This was a very impressive winner, their knowledge and understanding of SEO is remarkable. This winner is on the brink of becoming a key serious player in the SEO world due to their outstanding energy and potential.”

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I regularly create tutorials, discuss major updates, and delve into the strategies that the top sites are using to gain traffic from Google. Click any of the images below to watch the full video on my Linkedin profile. If you have any questions regarding my SEO Consulting services, or would just like to say hello (always appreciated), please feel free to use the form at the bottom of the page.

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If you’re wanting to see the latest articles I’ve written, webinars and events I’ve presented at, you can find those on my about page. I am regarded as a top SEO Consultant in both Melbourne and throughout Australia by my industry peers due to the high quality nature of my work and ability to stay updated on important developments within the SEO industry. Take the SERP Pursuit SEO Quiz.