There is always a reason for why your SEO isn’t working

By Brodie Clark

August 13, 2018

There was a major Google update in the past couple of weeks, which was potentially quite damaging for some business owners.

I came across a thread on Danny Sullivan’s Twitter where someone was extremely worried about the impact of this update, as their rankings completely dropped off a cliff. Here’s what they tweeted at Danny:

The guy was clearly distressed and wanted to reach out to a prominent Google figure for help. Although unfortunately, Google needs to be careful with giving out SEO advice – so there was no way Danny was going to deep dive into the issue.

I clicked on their Twitter page and saw that they had a site that was linked through their bio, so I had a quick look and gave some feedback at why this update could have hit them hard:

This was their response:

I decided to take a look at his other site and give some feedback:

My feedback didn’t completely sink in:

One of the best skills you can have as an SEO, is patience. If your client’s understanding (this isn’t my client of course) doesn’t click the first time, think of it as a challenge. Try to rework what you’ve already said and make a more compelling case for evidence in your favour:

And here’s what the final outcome was:

I didn’t have to respond to his initial tweet to Danny, although if someone is this distressed and you have the skill set to be able to assist – then why not?

During my time working in this industry, I’ve learn’t that there’s always a reason for why your site isn’t ranking. Sometimes it takes longer than other times to figure it out, although there’s always scope for improvement.

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