FAQs for Adding FAQPage Structured Data to Your Content

By Brodie Clark

May 27, 2019
This is what the markup for this page looks like in Google’s search results on Desktop. A similar version can be seen on Mobile. Read all FAQs below.

FAQPage is a new type of markup from schema.org used to show your content on Google as a rich result. The markup can be built using either JSON-LD or Microdata in order to receive the SERP treatment.

The feature was first announced at Google Dance Singapore on July 26th 2018, with the full rollout being announced on May 8th 2019. One of the first sightings in the wild after this announcement was on May 10th 2019.

The feature is available in all countries.

Unlike HowTo markup, this feature is available on both Mobile and Desktop. HowTo markup is only available on Mobile currently, which means users will see only see the rich result on that device. FAQPage rich results can however be seen on all devices.

This continues to be a point of contention. If you read through all information Google has provided on this markup, you’ll find that it’s intended for a very specific page relating to FAQs (not more broadly speaking). Two important pieces of information are:

  1. From the Official announcement: “For example, an FAQ page on an e-commerce website might provide answers on shipping destinations, purchase options, return policies, and refund processes.”
  2. John Mueller on Twitter wrote: “our structured data guidelines say that it should be representative of the main content on a page.” The FAQ support Doc doesn’t mention this, but maybe this was referring to the guidelines relating to this rollout in general (i.e. the HowTo support Doc mentions something similar).

To clear this up, I think Google needs to provide some more specifics in their Documentation. This could be done by giving an example similar to:

Recommended: Frequently Asked Questions for Brodie Clark Consulting

Not Recommend: Hire Me for SEO Consulting Services (Specialties, Clients, FAQs & More)

Note: to be honest, I’m not 100% sure if this page I’ve created and is using the markup is how Google intended it to be used. If not, then I will remove immediately after I’ve been notified from Google.

When QAPage markup first rolled out, this was confused by some for what FAQPage currently is. If users submit answers on the page, then use this markup instead.

In its existing state, along with the guidelines it is bound by, I don’t believe this is all that big of an opportunity for site owners. The types of content this markup applies to, won’t necessarily receive much exposure on Search due to the highly focused nature of the content.

I would start by reading Google’s Developer Documentation which can be found here.

Yes. :p

You’ll need a few different Google tools to get this markup up and running. This includes Google Search Console (a verified property), the Rich Results Test, along with the Structured Data Testing Tool if you were wanting another place to test your implementation.

Depending on your experience level, you could get this markup added to your site and reflected on Google in 10 minutes (manipulate the code, add to your page, then force a crawl in Google Search Console). I found the process of  adding HowTo markup to your content was much my involved in comparison, as there are far less requirements for correct implementation.

This is fine. Read the full conversation I had with John Mueller here.

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