Stumbled across a test where Google Posts were being presented independent from Google My Business listings on mobile – which I don’t think has happened before.

You can see what a live Google Post (this one is actually an Event) looks like when being subjected to the test above.

When Google Posts were in the early stages of development back in 2016, a similar layout can be seen on Desktop, although not on mobile.

I was able to replicate this for other listings that had a live Google Post, although was reverted back to the original setup when testing in a different browser.

The GMB Team seem to be working tirelessly on Google Post designs lately, with new layouts being spotted in the wild each week.

This particular layout seems to be more of a statement however. Being mixed in with other Organic results is an extra step on top of what we’ve seen previously.

After doing a few quick tests, it looks like the Google Posts are being placed after the 2nd Organic result that are below listings.

This is certainly an interesting development and gives local business owners another reason to stay on top of their Google Post updates.