1. The Moz Blog
Moz is my most used Marketing resource in staying up-to-date in the ever-changing world of SEO. Any article authored by Rand Fishkin, Cyrus Shepard, or Dr. Peter J. Meyers adheres to the DEAR acronym ‘drop everything and read’. Even for those days when you’re feeling too lazy to read an extensive blog post, Rand Fishkin will be there weekly to supply you with a 10 minute Whiteboard Friday video tutorial to watch. I’ve recently made a Moz account of my own, and am making a concerted effort to contribute to the communities discussion forum.

2. I Love Marketing Podcast
The I love Marketing Podcast helps me immensely. The creators Joe Polish and Dean Jackson (Joe would prefer this name ordering) are two altruistic/philanthropic Entrepreneurs that regularly record free Marketing podcasts. Joe started off as a dead-broke carpet cleaner who used drugs as an escape from his grim reality, creating a highly profitable business using the internet to distribute a free report to assist the sales process. Dean was originally a Realtor who discovered Direct Response Marketing as an alternative to cold calling which revolutionised his view on selling. Both have a bucket load of experience across many industries, along with countless high profile connections as guests on the show. There are almost 200 episodes to date, with each lasting approx. 1 hour. So far I’ve listened to around 100 of these episodes in the last 2 years. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become a pro, I guess that’s 100 hours accounted for…

My favourite quotes from the show.
Marketing: “Finding someone with a need and getting them to know, like and trust you”.
Sales: “The best way to sell to people is to educate them on how to make a buying decision”.

3. Seth Godin’s Blog
Seth’s Blog, I believe, is the most popular Marketing blog ever. Delivered daily to your inbox, Seth provides short and concise Marketing thoughts and theories. Seth must have a gigantic list of mail contacts (rightfully so) as this is his primary method of distributing his information – I bet the open rates are through the roof too. His posts are always extremely insightful and I like that they can be applied to almost any real world situation.

4. Gary Vaynerchuk’s Youtube Channel
Gary has now mastered Youtube, with the newly-created #AskGaryVee Show where he upload’s a clip every few days, filmed inside his very own office at Vayner Media in the US. Gary uses the platform to connect with the ‘Vayner Nation’ with questions they might be having on a plethora of Marketing related topics. I use this resource to maintain my motivation and energy levels throughout the week, because as we all know, Gary has more than enough of his own to share around.