Google SERP Feature Notes

Brodie’s notes on the latest Google SERP feature changes

Oct 2021
Oct 19

A mobile test where the search bar font is larger than normal. It has been just over a year since Google focused on a series of mobile search bar tests, so there will likely be more to come.

Oct 13

A desktop test where videos become larger on hover, with the YouTube video description also being included in the preview. Feel like I’ve seen this test in the past at some point, so am adding to my timeline to document.

Oct 11

Another variation of the ‘also covered on this page’ Featured Snippets test, now showing with limits in place for the text snippet (using truncation) and a subtle divider. This test has been ongoing throughout 2021, last spotted on August 4th.

Oct 05

Featured Snippet test spanning the entire page for the paragraph snippet format. I last saw this test on Aug 5th at the same time that Google started testing scroll-to-text in purple.

Oct 03

‘Short Videos’ carousel test on desktop for relevant queries. This test first started appearing on mobile as a test in November of 2020. Similar to the mobile version, short videos on desktop can be sourced from YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and more.

Sep 2021
Sep 30

On the back of an announcement at Google’s ‘Search On’ event related to commerce and local, I’m now seeing a new label appearing in the map pack and local finder on mobile related to Offer Posts. This appears to be a test at this point, where I’m only able to trigger in few instances.

Sep 28

‘Updated today’ label now showing for all users within Google’s map pack and local finder. This feature is available on all devices, likely being related to when inventory/stock was last updated. This was a test from August of 2021.

Sep 27

eCommerce category page test where Google is simplifying pagination by showing roughly how many products and also providing an approximation for the price range for products within the category. This mobile test is based on HTML (not Schema), and is in the same vein as another series of tests from March of 2021.

September of 2021 had a series of tests focused on eCommerce category pages in particular. I discovered tests that appeared to use HTML to show roughly how many products are on the page, an approximate price range, and also the Seller Rating.

Sep 25

Google Seller rating test for organic listings where the overall rating based on product feeds is showing for some eCommerce category pages. This mobile test first started in June of 2021 and has now returned in a different form with a more discrete label located at the top of results (rather than the bottom). Also no longer displaying the amount of reviews where the rating is taken from.

Sep 20

Standard web search listings are now showing as indented for queries where the same domain appears multiple times. This was originally a test that started in July of 2021.

Sep 12

Some paragraph Featured Snippets in the US are now showing bubble links. This was a test from November of 2020 that received some initial backlash.

Sep 09

Testing of the “hear this out loud” button in Featured Snippets and People Also Ask results now showing in the US. This was a test from May of 2021 that first appeared in India.

Aug 2021
Aug 23

Product page test where URLs that use Schema have a ‘similar products’ extension appearing. This is a continuation from a test in March of 2021, which was originally for category pages.

Aug 22

Autocomplete test where there is a duplication of the top 3 People Also Ask results appearing in the drop-down. I’ve documented several tests in the past that have been similar to this and focused around autocomplete inclusions.

There ended up being several autocomplete-related tests throughout August of 2021. During this testing period, Google tested more autocomplete results (up to 15 in some cases), showing PAA results, and also PASF image thumbnails.

Aug 17

Google starts rolling out significant changes to web page titles in their search results. I covered this in more detail and was later confirmed by Google.

Aug 17

Wikipedia sitelink test where in instances that they rank for a query, they are receiving the full sitelink treatment. This treatment is normally reserved branded searches when ranking in the top position.

Aug 09

The latest version of Chrome is now showing scroll-to-text fragments in purple by default, instead of the usual yellow highlight. This can appear for some Knowledge Panels, free product listing article snippets, Featured Snippets, and more.

Aug 04

The ‘also covered on this page’ Featured Snippets test returns to US search results. Using algo-generated questions with scroll-to-text parameters. Currently 2 variations of this being tested.

Jul 2021
Jul 30

The ‘Discussions’ carousel for forum results test appears on desktop in the US. Showing favicons to identify different sites, along with the title and publish date. 6 results being visible in the carousel at a time.

Jul 22

Review snippets stopped showing for the vast majority of web pages that previously had them. This was confirmed to be a bug, which was then fixed 5 days later.

Jul 20

AMP icon stops showing on mobile as part of the Page Experience rollout. This included removal of the icon on standard web search listings, Top Stories, Discover, and Web Stories. A replacement for the AMP icon to signify a good Page Experience is expected.

Jul 16

Featured Snippet answer bolding starts showing for paragraph snippet text to make locating the answer quicker. This first started showing for list Featured Snippets in October of 2020, and now applies to paragraph Featured Snippets and People Also Ask paragraph snippets.

Jul 12

Mobile jump-to search icon test with a blue magnifying glass and a grey upward facing arrow. Test designed to make it faster for users to reach the search bar after submitting a search on mobile devices.

The jump-to search mobile functionality was a reoccurring test throughout the month, with several variations being discovered. Including a grey upward facing arrow, the blue magnifying glass, and also the ‘edit search’ variation of the magnifying glass.