So I’ve been travelling for the past month around Europe with my lovely girlfriend Phoebe. The adventure started with a week in Italy relaxing eating olives and drinking fine vino to hiring a car on the eastern side and travelling many miles to see some incredible places. Here’s an image that encapsulates the amount of stress I experienced while away (zero).


All holidays must come to an end unfortunately. This isn’t a bad thing though, as I no longer have Uni assignments and dreadful lectures ahead. All those days spent wishing I could learn only the stuff I’m actually going to use in my life are also over. I now have all the time in the world to focus on what I enjoy most… and hopefully get paid for it sooner rather than later.

What am I doing now (apart from writing a blog post forĀ a non-existent reader)? I’m getting myself prepared to apply for grad positions at some of Brisbane’s top Digital Marketing agencies. First step is to get the ‘experience’ section filled out on the Resume – check. Next is to start writing my objectives and fill out every other section, an arduous process where you’re trying to find the balance between not exaggerating your abilities and selling yourself short. I’ve decided I don’t want my CV to be like any old run-of-the-mill application, so I’ve employed my graphic designer friend to get to work on a unique design that I’m proud to put my name on.

I’ll try not to bore you with any more CV talk from now on. I’d like to finish this post with an image of my framed grad certificate above the toilet.