May 2024
20 May

Google is now testing out an extension of the knowledge panel section for companies with a rich cards section, similar to what appears for notable people. The section can also appear without a title, highlighting recent social posts and other related content such as videos.

Sep 2022
06 Sep

Google is running a new test variation focused on knowledge panel rich cards. Previously, the test was focused on only celebrity rich cards. The test has now expanded with several new variations for queries such as “pepsi“, “avocado” and “great white shark“. For celebrities, here’s what it looked like in July, and here’s one new variation and another variation.

Jul 2022
14 Jul

In a highly visual desktop test, Google is now showing rich cards at the top of search results for celebrity names. The rich cards include sections such as an image with a Wikipedia description overlaid, links to popular articles, videos, and top searches (such as age or net worth). Here’s examples for celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Tony Hawk, Doja Cat and Snoop Dogg.

Out of all tests during the month of July, the rich cards test for celebrities would have to be the most significant of the lot. This test was visible on both mobile and desktop and was very engaging for users. There was some concern around Google using insufficient crediting for sources within this feature, but there was nothing particular new about these concerns.