May 2024
31 May

Google is now testing a new banner section at the top of search results similar to the test from April. Instead of showing the ‘shop deals’ categories with icons, it displays related categories that can be filtered by option.

While May was a relatively quiet month in terms of SERP feature tests, the common trend appears to have been the ‘shop deals’ related features in search results. Google seems to be doubling down on this segment, trying to push discoverability of merchant listings across various segments.

02 May

Google is now testing out a “shop deals” banner for Mother’s Day, directing users to a page focused on gift ideas for moms. This test is part of a string of occasion-based banners that have been appearing as far back as October of 2023.

Apr 2024
16 Apr

Google is now testing an additional set of menu items for eCommerce queries between the standard menu items and the refinement bubbles. Each category in the menu is unrelated to the query, taking you to a SERP similar to the shop deals experience.

Feb 2024
15 Feb

Google is now showing a new Presidents Day Shop Deals banner in the US for all users when relevant. This is the 3rd customised banner Google has shown, with the most recent being the banner for Valentine’s Day and the more general Shop Deals banner.

Jan 2024
26 Jan

Google is now testing out a new “shop deals” banner for Valentine’s Day. Another variation of this test is showing only the category links. See more history on the shop deals banner test and launch in the US.

Nov 2023
14 Nov

After the official announcement for the feature last week, and the test from October, Google is now displaying a new “shop deals” banner test. The new banner is slightly different to the original, featuring a more narrow banner and different CTA.

Oct 2023
18 Oct

Google looks to be doing a push to encourage users to search for deals with a new banner in the middle of organic search results. Clicking the banner takes you to a “shop deals” query which again features the same banner styling with custom results, where you’re then able to navigate deal categories. The mobile version looks different.

This test ended up being an official announcement from Google in November. The launch was a set of features to allow users to finding holiday shopping deals on Google, including saving products, tracking prices, and getting price insights in Chrome and Search.