Feb 2024
22 Feb

Google is now testing out a popular opinions carousel on desktop. Different to the perspectives carousel, the popular opinions carousel seems to only feature links to articles (rather than social media and forum posts).

Sep 2023
17 Sep

Google is now testing a new mobile format for Perspectives where the carousel extends upon a Featured Snippet at the top of the page. Clicking a result takes you to the Perspectives filter page which is the standard experience for this feature.

Aug 2023
07 Aug

Originally appearing on mobile in April, Google is now testing social media accounts with profile photos and follower counts on desktop. The desktop test is the same as mobile, having the social platform logo in the bottom right corner of the image. This round of testing has a similar view/like/comment etc. count to results in the perspectives filter.

Jun 2023
10 Jun

Google has now officially launched the Perspectives filter on mobile in the US. This is exactly one month after Google made the announcement for the filter. I like the filter overall but feels like it’s missing functionality to make it truly useful.

02 Jun

Google is now displaying a horizontal treatment of various domains and website snippets on desktop appearing within a featured snippet. From what I have seen, Google is displaying up to 3 different websites and also 2 websites horizontally, similar to the original ‘perspectives’ test that was exclusively on mobile.

Aug 2022
03 Aug

Google is currently running a mobile test for Featured Snippets with a ‘Perspectives’ label. The test shows other alternate answers to the query, with 2 variations appearing at this time. While the ‘Perspectives’ label is new, this test was virtually the same back in June (minus the label and more simplified) with 3 different variations. ‘Perspectives’ was first reported on by SER.