I’m assuming this is a test, because I’m unable to replicate on different devices and browsers. Although there seems to be a ‘people also search for’ feature at the bottom of the first page on Mobile.

The new aspect of this layout is the mini Organic search result which has been placed in the middle. The font size is smaller than the 10 listings above, and a description hasn’t been included (just the Title Tag and URL).

For me, the interesting thing about this test isn’t so much that there’s an 11th Organic result on the first page (Featured Snippets already do that), it’s that the singular results within the bubbles and the section titles don’t necessarily relate to the result.

In Example 1, the section title is ‘tools used for seo’ in all lowercase. The Organic result doesn’t match up with the section title, which makes you think it’s just a collection of information with a featured result at the bottom. Initially, I thought the result was an Ad due to it’s placement at the very bottom.

Example 2 was one of the more strange results. The section title was an exact match up with the Organic result (at least the start of it anyway). This makes you think that the entire ‘people also search for’ section is being extracted from the Organic result. This is true for the most part, although ‘Keyword Tool’ isn’t one of the top 10 providers mentioned in that article.

For Example 3, there are two different titles being used for both the section title and the Organic result. The section title however seems like it’s a blog article title, rather than something generic like in Example 1.

I did an exact match search for “Top 10 accounting software in world”, although none of the results were particularly high quality. Seems as though Google has just made up that title – which is impressive/concerning.