SERP Pursuit SEO Quiz (Holiday Ed.) w/ Brodie Clark & Izzi Smith

By Brodie Clark

December 15, 2020
SERP Pursuit SEO Quiz Holiday Ed Brodie Clark and Izzi Smith

How well do you know your Google SERP features? 🤔

Take the SERP Pursuit SEO Quiz by Brodie Clark and Izzi Smith of Ryte below to test your knowledge on the latest changes and updates to Google SERP features. You could be surprised about how much has changed in recent years!

Questions focus on SERP features such as Featured Snippets, rich results generated by Structured Data, Web Stories, the latest updates to the Surfaces Across Google program (soon renamed to “free product listings”), and much more.

Thanks for taking our SEO quiz! Be sure to tag me and Izzi on Twitter to let us know how you went. This is a short quiz (20 questions), but SERP Pursuit will no doubt be back bigger and better in the new year.

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