Apr 2024
11 Apr

Google is now testing out a new mobile format for branded sitelinks. Instead of the standard sitelink with light lines, there is currently an active test with darker lines that shows alongside other features and also in blue to match the title. Here’s what the test looks like on desktop.

Jan 2024
06 Jan

Google is testing a new string of branded sitelink variants on mobile, on the back of the desktop branded sitelink tests from November last year. When comparing against the standard format, there are 4 variations: grey arrows, grey arrows within a grey circle, black text, and black text with blue arrows. The last time Google completed branded sitelink tests on mobile was in July of 2023, with a variant using bolding for the text and a grey blocked background.

Nov 2023
14 Nov

Google is now testing out a new format for branded sitelinks on desktop. The test involves three separate variations featuring upward facing arrows in blue and grey, along with a more familiar variation that features dividers between each internally linked page. This was first discovered by Scott Shorter who messaged me on LinkedIn.

Jul 2023
22 Jul

Google is now testing a new mobile format for branded sitelinks. Instead of the branded sitelinks with large text, Google is testing a smaller format with blue in bold with a grey background.

Aug 2022
11 Aug

Google is running several mobile sitelink tests focused around both branded and non-branded sitelinks for organic listings and ads. The test variations that I’m seeing are either coloured variations with sitelinks in a bubble (white, grey and blue) along with a stacked variation with lines between each item.