Nov 2023
04 Nov

Google has now launched Seller Ratings for organic listings on desktop in the US. This is following the mobile rollout in the US in September, with Seller Ratings now being eligible to show for eCommerce sites across all devices.

Oct 2023
08 Oct

Google is now testing showing Seller Ratings for organic listings on desktop for the first time. There has been extensive testing of this feature in the US on mobile dating back to 2021, with Google recently launching this feature on mobile.

Sep 2023
10 Sep

Google now looks to have rolled out Seller Ratings for organic listings on mobile in the US. This test dates back to June of 2021, with the display that Google has stuck to for launch not looking too different to the original test. Google has since done various bits of testing with different displays for Seller Rating reviews and Top Quality Store labelling.

Jun 2023
15 Jun

Google is now doing heavy testing across various eCommerce category pages on mobile, showing various tests that we have seen in different forms. An article I wrote in 2021 features similar tests related to the seller rating treatment, with the latest examples showing a top quality store tag based on this feature, a seller rating count (along with a combination of the two), a clearance sale tag, along with the pricing overlay test that I’ve documented in more recent times.

Jul 2022
14 Jul

Google is continuing to use more Merchant Center feed information in organic results in this latest test. I’m now seeing an ‘x-day returns’ snippet appearing for some web pages in the US on both mobile and desktop. Some example queries can be found here and here. This is similar to how organic seller ratings operate, using information from feeds matched up with organic listings.

Oct 2021
30 Oct

Another organic Seller Rating label variation is appearing for some listings on mobile. Similar to the test from September 25th, the new label variation is an extension of this by either using the text ‘STORE RATING’ or ‘STORE INFO’. We’ve now seen 4 different variations of the organic Seller Rating test since June of 2021.

Sep 2021
27 Sep

September of 2021 had a series of tests focused on eCommerce category pages in particular. I discovered tests that appeared to use HTML to show roughly how many products are on the page, an approximate price range, and also the Seller Rating.

25 Sep

Google Seller rating test for organic listings where the overall rating based on product feeds is showing for some eCommerce category pages. This mobile test first started in June of 2021 and has now returned in a different form with a more discrete label located at the top of results (rather than the bottom). Also no longer displaying the amount of reviews where the rating is taken from.