Mar 2024
24 Mar

In continuation of the image thumbnail testing, Google is now displaying a new mobile format for image previews that link to the category (like the default approach), but with pricing overlays and without the carousel from January.

Jan 2024
31 Jan

Google is now testing out a pricing and discounts overlay for image previews for category pages on mobile. Instead of the standard approach with just multiple images showing as the preview, they are showing the price as an extension with recent price changes included (likely based on product feeds rather than HTML). A similar test to this pricing overlay test surfaced in June of 2023, which actually dates back to 2021.

29 Jan

Google has now launched discount rich results on all devices in the US. This is after a short stint of testing that started in November of 2023. I’m now primarily seeing the coupon variant, which could be considered a coupon rich result as a subset of the discount rich result category. Here’s what it looks on mobile compared to desktop.

Dec 2023
09 Dec

As an extension of the discount rich results test from last month, Google is now testing out a similar format for loyalty programs with a different symbol assigned to the snippet. Instead of displaying just a price tag icon, the icon is transformed into a heart. The discounts rich result is managed within Marketing > Promotions in GMC, whereas I believe the loyalty programs rich result is managed in Growth > Manage programs. This was first spotted by Brian Freiesleben.

Nov 2023
28 Nov

Google is now testing out a new type of rich result for discounts via Merchant Center. This is part of a slew of related features Google is testing, similar to the recently announced Knowledge Panel promotions section which is still yet to appear. When the full discount rich result treatment shows, it displays a blue price tag along with the deal and a coupon code. It can also appear without the coupon code, similar to this test from June.